Nicola Jackson - Medcalf Grant Lawyers
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Nicola Jackson

Nicola Jackson


Nicola joined Medcalf Grant in 2017. Prior to joining Medcalf Grant Nicola had a long and successful business career. Nicola has a Business Studies Degree and was admitted as a solicitor in 2016.


Nicola is commercially minded and has experience with a range of clients, including individuals, small businesses and large corporations. Nicola has vast range of practice experience but her main area of practice is estates.

If you have a general enquiry please contact:


Address: Level 2, 22 Darley Road
Manly NSW 2095

DX 9250 Manly

PO Box 231 Manly 1655


Tel: 02 9976 0231

Fax: 02 9976 0232