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Disqualified Driver


Are you a disqualified driver? The Law relating to disqualified drivers changed in New South Wales in 2018.  The Local Court now has the power to remove your licence disqualification IF you have not been convicted of any driving offences during the relevant offence-free period AND the Court considers that it is appropriate to do so.  In the majority of cases the offence-free period is 2 years, but in some cases it may be 4 years.  There are some disqualified drivers who will not be eligible to make an application to remove their disqualification.

Have you been declared an Habitual Traffic Offender?  The laws in relation to Habitual Traffic Declarations have also changed recently.  For new driving offences, Habitual Traffic Declarations will not apply.  If you are the subject of a Habitual Traffic Declaration under the old scheme, the Local Court still has the power to quash that declaration.

Alternatively, a person subject to an Habitual Traffic Declaration can apply for the removal of the disqualification period imposed by the declaration if they have not been convicted of a driving offence within the relevant offence-free period mentioned above.

If either of these situations apply to you we may be able to assist you with your application to the Local Court.  Based in Manly we attend the Manly Local Court daily and service many other Sydney metropolitan area Local Courts.

For any information you can contact our office and discuss your circumstances with our specialists.

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